Frequently Asked Questions

Does Acord require clients to provide ID or proof of address?

We ask all clients to provide identification when they are registering at Acord. Additionally, each time a client visits the Pantry they are required to offer proof of address within one of our six service areas. 

How often can clients pick up food?

Clients can visit Acord once every seven days. Each client visit is recorded in our database and clients are gently notified if they are visiting prior to their next available shopping time.

Does Acord receive government assistance or tax payer money?

Acord is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization which means we qualify for tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code and all donations to Acord are tax-deductible for donors. However we do not receive any government assistance or tax-payer money. 

What are your client demographics? Do any of your clients work?

Acord’s clients are diverse in age and race. We serve families of all sizes as well as seniors who live on a fixed income. Many of our clients are employed but are unable to buy what they need due to limited work hours, changes in employment status, low incomes, and competing household expenses. 

What role does the Acord Board of Directors play?

We have a hands-on Board of Directors with 100% of members making financial donations to Acord. The Board is always working to further the goals of the organization, supporting the staff, securing the resources needed for Acord to fulfill its mission, and providing financial oversight by developing an annual budget and ensuring proper financial controls are in place.


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