We did it!

We are humbled by all of the support you have given to Acord Food Pantry in 2018! Whether you volunteered, donated food, hosted a food drive, or made a donation  - YOU are why Acord had such an incredible year. Because of supporters like you, we were able to help even more individuals and families that suffer from food insecurity across the the North Shore.

Thank you!


We distributed over 12,000 bags of groceries that included eggs, meat, dairy, fresh produce, and groceries.


We received and distributed over 7,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables donated by local farms.


Client visits to the pantry increased an average of 8% in 2018. This includes 99 families who visited Acord for the first time.


We expanded our outreach initiatives to all 6 towns we serve which included educating local COA members about nutrition on a limited budget.

Stacey Verge